Find a FUN way to move your body!

Find a FUN way to move your body!


If exercise feels like a chore it will be the first activity that gets the ax when life gets in the way. If you can find a way to make moving your body actually FUN – it will likely be a more “sticky” behavior. Some ideas include: walking with a friend, a Zumba class or trying a new group class like yoga or TRX or signing up for a 5k run/walk or maybe you love your bike as I do – there are more and more biking events – long distance and short. Start small and remember there are no rules to this – you make the rules and set the pace. Just do something that makes you smile. Remember it might be challenging in the beginning but in time it will get easier.

Personal note:
I just finished a bike ride that was 50 miles – never did I think I could do that much mileage on my bike. I just started out doing a few miles at a time and realized that biking is really fun and that it doesn’t feel like exercise for me. I reached out to friends that bike and asked them for tips.

Maybe you feel great when you swim or you run. Remind yourself how you enjoyed moving your body when you were a kid and try to find something that you enjoy. It doesn’t mean that this exercise is ALL fun and games and that it is not challenging.

On the 50-mile ride, this past weekend on Amelia Island – It was amazing and I felt accomplished with the fact that I trained and met my goal. Another plus was that my ride raised money for a great cause – JDRF – a cause that I have a heart for – but don’t get me wrong it was hard. It was hot and at mile 45 I really wanted it to be over. It’s not all fun and games but I did it. I encourage all of you to continue to search for something you like to do. A way you move your body that feels like more fun than work! I believe it is in all of us!


Be Well 🐝 gina


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