Pizza and portion control

Pizza and portion control

A Midnight Pizza Snack? It’s OK to tell yourself you can have it later!

Kick the can down the road! I use this saying with my clients to encourage folks to think about portion control and serving size. The idea is to not say “no” or “can’t”  but instead say “later”.

I grew up on the East coast and the Italian food is amazing specifically PIZZA. Make no bones about it . . . My food weakness is pizza.  I use the “later” discussion with myself every time I have pizza.  I usually have 2 pieces of thin crust unless the slices are really large. I also make sure I always have a side salad – whether I make the pizza at home, delivery or at restaurant. Not only do the greens fill you up, it’s also just better nutrition.

So when I finish my two slices, I start negotiating with the voice in my head. Even though I am full, my taste buds crave another piece. I have found using the “later” technique works so much better than just flat “no”. Sometimes I even tell myself that I could have a midnight snack if I am hungry.

By kicking this can or the pizza down the road, I am saving myself for immediate storage of the excess energy in my body. This postponement gives my body a chance to use the fuel that I have ingested. Plus, there’s a good chance I won’t have that midnight snack. Your brain takes a bit to tell your tummy that it’s full. Lots of times, I am so thankful that I chose to stop because I saved myself from feeling uncomfortably full.

So now with all this talk of pizza, you are probably craving some. Here’s an article listing some of the healthier frozen pizza options.
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