Let’s Talk About Self Care!

Let’s Talk About Self Care!


Let’s talk about the idea of Self Care! One of the first requests I have of my clients is to make a list of self-care ideas. Many times when I bring up this subject, people quickly respond that they like having a massage or getting a manicure but their budget doesn’t always allow for these extravagances.

Although these ideas certainly fall on the list of self-care, there are so many more easy, less expensive ways to be good to yourself. In fact, your list can be long and may change over time and each person’s list is so individual. I have attached examples of self-care that I found on a Pinterest board – there are thousands of lists out there if you are searching for ideas. Note that some of the ideas listed, you might already do for yourself. When you name this self-care, this action is more powerful and important to you.

For example, I love clean sheets. I look forward to sliding into nice crisp clean sheets weekly.  My mom used to make our beds every Sunday while I was young and she actually ironed my sheets. Now every time I change my sheets, I call it self care and for an extra treat, I will iron my pillowcases! I know this sounds like work, right. That’s what makes your self-care list special – it’s as individual as you are! Consider making a list today!

Be Well 🐝  gina

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