Gardening is good for your spirit!

Gardening is good for your spirit!


If you are like me and you love your garden, you might be happy to know that you are feeding your spiritual wellness dimension. We have 8 dimensions of health and one is Spiritual. When I meet with a client, we review all the dimensions of health and set some goals. Many times I ask clients to tell me about their spiritual domain and they often are quick to reply about attending church or a bible study. Yes, these activities do fall in the spiritual realm but people are often surprised to learn that the love of animals, getting out in nature for a hike or a walk, growing a garden and even a musician’s love of music can fall easily in this dimension. For more on wellness dimensions, check out my post from August 19th.


Personal note: The photos are pictures of my garden this year. Gosh, I love watching it grow, digging in the dirt and picking loads of tomatoes! I encourage you to feed this love of nature or gardening or animals – it’s a pretty easy way to add JOY into your life.

🐝 Bee well. gina


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