Day One Wellness is celebrating inspiring better for over 10 years! 


Day One Wellness is a bit different than many weight loss companies – the focus is less about the scale and more about getting what you want out of life!

Mayo Clinic Health and Wellness Coach Gina Lang

Gina Lang

Owner, Mayo Clinic Health and Wellness Coach

We focus on the behavior of being well and making small changes to improve the way you live. Some of our clients are busy moms trying to fit in more balance or some have a specific weight loss focus or there is the retiree caregiving for a spouse seeking a plan to live the best they can for as long as they can. Whatever your reason to seek better health, Day One Wellness can help you get on your way to living the life you imagine. We offer a free consultation, regular weekly and bi-monthly coaching appointments, development of a wellness plan and accountability by linking arms with each client progressing towards the goal of living a better more healthy, more fulfilled life.  Call Owner and Mayo Clinic Health and Wellness Coach, Gina Lang at (859) 771-6033 to set up an appointment.

Day One believes in striving to make the seemingly impossible…POSSIBLE.

Personal Health and Wellness Coaching

Personal Coaching

Mayo Clinic & NBC-HWC nationally certified Health and Wellness Coach Gina Lang offers 30-minute appointments to discuss the plan and the progress each client is making. Some clients attend sessions for a few months while others have been clients for years. Day One’s goal is to get you to independence as soon as you like which is why there are no contracts or defined length of time. Sessions are $35 for 30 minutes and 4 appointments are recommended initially. We also believe there are situations like budget or shift schedules that warrant the client coming in less often. At Day One there is no “one size fits all” mentality. Health and Wellness is very individual which is why we develop your plan for success one person at a time.

Nutrition Programs

Day One offers several options for the nutritional program that we recommend. The Arbonne products that we recommend were vetted by an Internal Medicine & Pediatric Physician and are all natural, gluten free, soy-free, vegan and sweetened naturally. We typically begin our clients on a 30 day program offering vegan protein shakes, energy drinks, a probiotic and pre-biotic, detox tea and a seven day cleanse. This kit is altered based on the goal and the budget. Thirty day kits start as low as $150+. Not all Day One clients utilize this nutritional method and this is evaluated based on the plan developed.

Arbonne Nutrition Programs

Schedule An Appointment

The owner of Day One, Gina Lang resides in St Petersburg, Florida but accommodates clients all over the country via phone, FaceTime or other digital conferencing options. Day One believes in striving to make the impossible, possible. Do not let the distance or the lack of time be a barrier. During the initial free consultation we can brainstorm your needs.


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Gina Lang, Mayo Clinic Health & Wellness Coach
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    Results may vary. Specific results are not guaranteed and are a result of the individual customized weight loss plan for each patient, along with exercise, diet, and lifestyle changes.

    About the Owner

    Gina Lang and her husband, Dr. Larry Ertel are practitioners of weight loss with a personal wellness journey that led to helping others. They live in the Saint Pete area and enjoy being outdoors as much as possible biking, walking, boating and soaking up nature.

    Day One Owner, Gina Lang is also a fitness instructor specializing in seniors. Parents of two adult children and a bossy corgi named Vinny.  Consider linking arms with Day One on your journey to better health.